Holiday Parties are a Must for your Employees

We all know that Holiday Parties are a must, especially for companies that want to show their appreciation for the hardworking staff. But we also know that nobody has the necessary time to organize a flawless holiday party from A to Z. This is where The Chateau Ritz team come in to save your time and give you the most glamorous Holiday Party of all times.

Companies usually follow the public and federal holiday schedule giving employees time off during such time. So it comes to no surprise when they want to do more for their staff. Special holidays like Christmas and New Year, Valentines, Thanksgiving or even Veteran’s Day are the perfect oportunity. Just give us a call and book your next Holliday party in no time. It is that simple. Therefore, you can start planning Tranksgiving for all your employyes, today.

The Most Versatile of all Spaces

There is no better place to organize a company or a family holyday party than The Chateau Ritz. Located in the heart of Chicago, The Chateau Ritz is the preferred location for Chicago’s most extravagant events. From wedding receptions, baptism, bar/bat mitzvah, functions, conventions, reunions, celebrations, bridal showers, to company luncheons and dinners, we have it all. Family owned and operated, Chateau Ritz overcomes other banquet halls in customized amenities, luxury and style.

The Chateau Ritz is a full service facility, capable of holding a number of various different types of events. The venue has been completely renovated in 2009. It is located in a convenient location for a Chicago land reception or event, bordering northwestern Chicago. The location is easily accessible by 294, 94, and 90 expressways.

Chateau Ritz is one of the most versatile places to organize any type of event. Regardless of how luxurious and over the top you imagine your Holiday Party; at Chateau Ritz all dreams can become reality. We can customize the space to fit all your Holiday Party needs, so you don’t have to add any new tasks on your agenda.

Celebrate your Emplyees this Holiday Season

Any celebration is an opportunity for your staff to bond and become more familiar with each other. For small companies that only have one office and a small number of employees, it is easier for a team to bond. If we talk corporate, the holiday parties are a great opportunity for people in accounting and billing to meet and spend some times with these in sales or HR.

Does your company have a tradition of staff dressing up for Halloween or exchanging Secret Santa presents? If the answer is yes, then opting to do so by having a holiday celebration at Chateau Ritz is the best way to go this year. If you want your employees to feel extra special and appreciated during the holiday season, just let us know.

At Chateau Ritz, no Holiday Party is too Small

Regardless of how many guests will be attending your holiday party, at Chateau Ritz we have several seating charts that can help you accommodate everyone. The versatility the space has is unique in Chicago and that will give you the freedom to create a customized seating chart that will fit the needs and profile of your event. Make Chateau Ritz your own event dream space. Choose the decorations that fit the needs and atmosphere of your event perfectly. You can choose from a wide range of table arrangement options, that would match the custom drapes and the ambient LED lightning. You choose the theme and the colors, we take cate of the rest. Another advantage is that our planners have the experience of great holiday parties. Rather than wasting time with details, you can let us take care of everything.We are here for you and your staff.