Your Exceptional Bridal Shower Experience!

Located in the heart of Chicago, The Chateau Ritz is the perfect location for your bridal shower. If you already booked your wedding reception with us, you know exactly what we are talking about.

If you didn’t then having your Bridal Shower here will give you the chance to experience this ultimate venue, to the fullest, and have the greatest party a future bride can ever dream of.

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Bridal and Baby Showers in a Unique Venue in Chicago

The Chateau Ritz is a full service facility, capable of holding a number of various different types of events. The Chateau Ritz has been family owned and operated for over 25 years and is located in a convenient location for a Chicago land reception or event, bordering northwestern Chicago and easily accessible by 294, 94, and 90 expressways.

Look no further! Chateau Ritz is the perfect place for you to hold your baby or bridal shower!

“We loved our experience at the Chateau Ritz and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it – 110%!”

 Stephanie R (Google Review)

Anything you imagine is possible!

With a wide range of customizable amenities, Chateau Ritz is one of the most versatile places to organize any type of event. At Chateau Ritz all dreams can become reality. Just let us know what you envision and we will transform it into reality.

“You simply cannot go wrong with this venue. Entire staff is amazing, thank you again for such a special evening!”

Lejla C (Google Review)

 The Cocktail Hour

The Cocktail Hour is a great time for your guests to socialize between the ceremony and the reception.  Our experienced bartenders can create various types of cocktails for your guests! Let us help you set the mood for your reception with innovative drinks and decor! 

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Professional Planning Experts For Your Stress Free Event

Planning your bridal or baby shower is not an easy task, and might take months.  Let us assist you with your planning and attention to the details.  We can help create a stress free event where you can enjoy your shower with your guests with ease!

When your guests take over the dance floor, it is a clear sign that you did a great job and we offered you the right tools and amenities.

Nothing makes us happier than guests who break loose and live in the moment.

We are happy to share recommendations with you to help match your musical taste.

At Chateau Ritz you have the ability to play around with decorations and transform the place to create that perfect ambiance for any type of event.

Chateau Ritz is the perfect place for your dream bridal shower celebration. Being the most versatile venue in Chicago, choosing Chateau Ritz gives you endless possibilities in planning the most beautiful events.

From draping to linens and flower arrangements, from lightning and furniture, everything can be arranged to match the theme and the desired atmosphere of your celebration. Just let us know what your dreams are, and we will make sure to fulfill them.

From vegan to vegetarian, kosher food and protein-based plates, Chateau Ritz has it all. Our catering options are unlimited when it comes to the menu.

Trust Chateau Ritz with your menu, and you and your guests will benefit from an incredible menu designed special for your event, with great taste and with an affordable budget.